About Gozo

The Mediterranean island rich in history

Gozo is the second largest island in the Maltese archipelago. It is separated by a 5km stretch of sea from Malta, its sister island. The difference is apparent as soon as you step off the ferry. Gozo is the more tranquil and sedate island.

The 30,000 inhabitant figure can be misleading, however, rest assured that Gozo is very well served with restaurants, shops, and any other amenities that you may require!

Gozo’s real gem lies within its villages, each of which is beautiful in its own way. It seems as if Gozo’s villages are stuck in time, yet in some manner, they have managed to keep up with modern standards.

So, if you are looking for a place where you can relax and enjoy life, then rest assured that Gozo will meet, and even exceed your expectations. After all, Gozo means ‘joy’ in Castilian.

Types of property in Gozo


This is the most common type of property that you will find all over the island. These units form part of a block with a communal entrance, including underlying garages and a lift. Some look over sea or country views. The smallest ones start at 50m2 and some are over 400m2


Penthouses are generally considered as the ‘gems’ of an apartment block. They are situated at the very top and are distinguishable from other units. They are usually much larger and have more natural light. Usually, they also come with their own air space.


Maisonettes are quite similar to apartments/flats, with the difference that they have their own front door instead of a communal entrance. In case you own the air space, you are free to add an extension to your residence should the necessary permits be issued.

Houses of Character

Quite popular around Gozitan villages, these houses of character are usually 100 years old or more, boasting authentic period features, such as stone vaulted ceilings, wood beams, patterned tiles, and so on. These properties can be bough in unconverted or converted format. Depending on their condition and size these residences can be quite pricey.

Terraced Houses

These are modern houses usually built over two floors, and they usually come with a garage, front/back yard, and a decent amount of frontage. Their prices vary considerably according to location and finish.


The main difference between these luxury properties is that bungalows are spread on one level while villas are usually spread on two. They are usually detached or semi-detached and come with gardens/communal pool. These are generally quite large.